Acacia Concinna for Hair Loss


Considered a natural wonder ingredient for hair care products, Acacia Concinna is one of the most appreciated herbs in Asiatic countries. The plant is used for centuries as a mild detergent and has been used as an ingredient in treating different conditions such as malaria fever and skin problems. But this plant’s most spectacular results were reported in hair care. Decocts made of A. Concinna pods and powders made of its grinded fruits, bark and dried leaves are used to maintain the natural beauty of hair strands and treat eventual hair problems.

Hair Growth Stimulation

The main function of A. Concinna (or shikakai – “fruit for hair”) is that of cleaning product for hair. A “shampoo” is made of dried and grinded leaves, fruits (pod-like) and/or bark mixed with water to form a paste. This paste is used similarly to the normal shampoo, by applying it on wet hair, massaging the scalp and the hair strands and then rinsing it off with warm water. While this traditional concoction does not make too much lather, it gently, yet effectively cleans the hair, nourishing and strengthening the follicle. Furthermore, it stimulates hair growth on a long term basis.
Acacia Concinna contains saponis, a substance which acts as a mild cleanser. Because it has a low PH, it does not affect the scalp and does not remove all the natural oils which protect the hair strands from exterior damage. Furthermore, the shampoo detangles the hair strands, making the conditioner unnecessary.
The “fruit for hair” can also be used in anti-dandruff hair treatments. Infusion of the A. Concinna leaves works great in removing dandruff and similar scalp conditions.
Due to its properties Acacia Concinna is highly indicated in hair loss treatments, both during the treatments and after their termination. It offers a natural and safer alternative to sulfate-containing shampoos.