Aloe Vera for Hair Loss


Aloe Vera is well known for its benefic uses for the human body. A rich moisturizer and a great supplement, aloe vera is employed in different forms to treat a variety of conditions, starting with sunburns and ending with constipation. In hair care, aloe vera has been successfully used for treatment as well as for maintenance purposes. Here is a detailed list of the benefits aloe vera can offer to your hair.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most dramatic hair conditions one can face. It takes place mainly because of stress, hormonal problems which prevent nutrients from reaching the hair follicle or scalp problems. Due to its moisturizing properties and its nutritive substances, aloe vera can stop hair falling. The enzymes and vitamins from the aloe vera gel clean the scalp, eliminate the effects of excessive stress and pollution and balance the PH of the scalp, thus creating the perfect conditions for the hair follicle to grow and develop normally. Furthermore, the constant use of aloe vera gel on the scalp nourishes the scalp and the follicle preventing the hair from shedding.

Dandruff and Scalp Conditions

Dandruff is an irritation of the scalp. Aloe vera moisturizes the scalp, cleans any impurities which may affect it on the long run and eliminates dandruff for good if used regularly. Studies have shown that aloe vera has a similar composition of vitamins and minerals as the one found in the human body, fact which accounts for its ability to cure wounds, skin conditions and scalp problems of any type. As we all know, a clean, healthy scalp decreases the chances of hair loss and it is one of the major factors in favor of hair growth.

Hair Growth

By nourishing the follicle and balancing the PH of the scalp, hair growth is stimulated. The enzymes from aloe vera strengthen the follicle, thus ensuring beautiful and healthy new hair. Furthermore, the moisture is preserved on the scalp, thus protecting the new hair strands from external damage (weather, pollution, etc.).
Aloe vera is one of the ingredients in hair loss treatment, hair care and hair growth stimulation. It has a benefic action on both hair and scalp by nourishing and protecting them.