Arnica for Hair Loss


Arnica’s benefic properties have been long praised by both naturalists and medical staff. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, arnica extracts, creams and ointments have been prescribed for treating open wounds and different types of scars and skin conditions (including acne and acne scars). In hair care industry, arnica extract is used for exterior treatments, mainly incorporated in shampoos, conditioners and hair oils. Arnica extract prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth through its direct action on the hair follicle, as well as through its action on the scalp and hair strands. Let’s explain each one of these actions for a further understanding of arnica’s benefic results in the fight with hair loss and alopecia.

Hair Growth with Blood Circulation

Arnica extract used directly on the scalp increases local blood circulation. This results in more oxygen and nutrients for the hair follicle which can effectively support the hair strand. If the hair is in the growing stage, the hair strand is nourished, healthy, shiny and the chances of shedding are close to none. Furthermore, the overall aspect of the hair is improved. The hair follicles which are in the resting phase are stimulated to “wake up” and produce new hair strand faster, thus stimulating hair growth in areas affected by massive shedding.
Arnica acts as antibiotic for any scalp condition and eliminates dandruff by regulating the sebum production. Furthermore, it acts as a shield against UV rays, protecting the scalp and hair strands from sun’s invasive actions. Premature graying prevention, hair root strengthening and scalp nourishment are also attributed to arnica extract, when used on a regular basis.