Attorney Representing Physicians


The new weapon in the arson for hospitals to attack individual physicians through “sham peer review” is the so called “disruptive physician.” It is now found in all Medical Staff Bylaws and usually crops up individually in the confidential setting of medical staff committees and is often based on nebulous “psychological” or alleged personality issues. Notably, the hospital bar is now featuring a seminar for medical staffs in promoting their definition of “Disruptive Behavior” in hospitals. The definition promoted by the hospital bar is purposely broad, general, vague, subjective, and essentially undefined so as to allow hospital administrators to interpret it however they wish. This development in “Sham Peer Review” has led to widespread abuse of the “Disruptive Physician” label in hospitals. The careers of many good, highly-trained, ethical physicians have been ruined and patients have been deprived of quality care as a result.
Moreover, once such an occurrence is entered in the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB), the practitioners who are assaulted in this way will likely never engage in hospital practice again.

The attorneys associated with the Law Office of Jeffrey C. Grass are experienced and trained at rebutting a hospital’s allegation that a physician is “disruptive.” It is our experience that the targeted physician must quickly retain counsel when he or she is attacked since the terms “Disruptive Behavior” are easily manipulated and allow hospital administration to brand anyone as a “disruptive physician” and then discipline them for it. Literally, no physician is safe. The only defense against such an attempted professional assassination is to attack!