Citrus Limon for Hair Loss


Citrus Limon enjoys a global popularity both for its aesthetic role in many gardens all over the world and for its extremely healthy fruit, the lemon. Lemons are some of the smallest citric fruits. Yet, in spite of their size, they are also the ones containing the most nutrients and vitamins and are considered a panacea for multiple conditions, ranging from colds, sore throat and vitamin deficit to hair and skin problems. Famous for its high concentration of Vitamin C, the banal lemon has so much more to offer for the entire body.
With its detoxifying properties, lemons are recommended on a daily basis in all people’s diet. A body which disposes the right amount of Vitamin A and C, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron and Magnesium is a healthy body which functions correctly on the long run and lemons can offer that to anyone. Furthermore, lemons are one of the basic ingredients in creating hair care products for oily hair, due to their ability of regulating the glands responsible with sebum production. They are also highly used in conditioners and post-washing treatments meant to strengthen hair and offer it a natural shine.

Hair Growth Nourishment

Lemons are also recommended in hair loss problems. When applied on the scalp, lemon juice, lemon oil or lemon skin helps purifying the blood, thus removing all the unnecessary substances from the capillary vases reaching the hair follicle. This results in a better nourishment of the hair follicle and eventually in a diminishing of hair loss. Furthermore, lemon extract is beneficial in regulating blood flow to and from the hair follicle, ensuring that all necessary nutrients reach the follicle. This strengthens the follicle and prevents premature hair shedding and where necessary stimulates hair growth.
Other uses of lemons and lemon oil for hair include dandruff treatment and/or prevention, scalp cleaning and hair strengthening.
For significant results you can use fresh lemons as well as citrus limon extracts. Also, look for hair products containing this ingredient if you need to fight one of the above mentioned hair conditions.