Eclipta Alba for Hair Loss


Euclipta Alba is one of the few herbs which have amazed science with its positive effects in hair growth and hair loss treatment. Its curative properties have been checked in two major studies (Hair growth promoting activity of Eclipta alba in male albino rats by R. K. Roy, Mayank Thakur and V. K. Dixit and Eclipta alba extract with potential for hair growth promoting activity. Datta K, Singh AT, Mukherjee A, Bhat B, Ramesh B, Burman AC). Both studies have revealed Eclipat Alba’s ability to stop premature and accentuated hair loss and promote hair growth in rats, which have a similar body function to the humans’.
But science is not the only one proving the Eclipta Alba’s benefic effects in treating alopecia. Thousands of people suffering from excessive hair loss have seen their hair grow back thicker and thicker after using E. Alba powder. According to the studies mentioned above, this plant works on hair follicles which have entered the telogen phase (the phase in which hair strand sheds and the hair follicle hibernates), by stimulating them to enter the anagen phase faster than normally. There are two compounds extracted from Eclipta Alba which have been reported to produce hair growth similarly to minoxidil 2% – petroleum ether 5% and methanol extract. In some cases, it has been reported that petroleum ether 5% has offered better results than minoxidil 2%, which prompts Eclipta Alba in top of the plants promoting hair growth.

Hair Growth Improvement

Furthermore, Eclipta Alba thickens the scalp and increases the number of hair follicles from the subcutis layer, which means that not only will your hair grow back, but there are great chances that it will grow thicker and healthier. Also, the plant is used for strengthening hair strands and coloring them – it is used as a hair dye for obtaining dark hair.