Fenugreek for Hair Loss


Fenugreek occupies a special place on the list of herbs, having multiple internal, as well as external uses. Some of its most effective uses include strengthening the immune system, promoting lactation, increasing libido, treating digestive problems, diabetes and skin inflammation and purifying blood.
In hair care, fenugreek is extensively used as a herbal hair loss treatment as well as a natural hair strengthener. Chemical analysis of fenugreek seeds have revealed a large quantity of proteins which nourish the hair follicle and diminish the chances for hair shedding. The protein, along with the nicotinic acid, strengthens the hair root, thus stopping hair loss and stimulating hair growth. Furthermore, the protein is highly effective in treating damaged hair and restoring its natural shine.
Fenugreek contains phosphorus, niacin and potassium which nourish the hair shaft and maintains the hair follicle in good conditions. Furthermore, it is an important source of lecithin, which fights against dandruff and scalp conditions, strengthens and moisturizes hair strands. When applied after washing your hair, it acts as a conditioner by detangling hair strands and making locks shine with health. Fenugreek seeds are also highly beneficial in treating and preventing hair thinning.

Hair Growth Restoration

Fenugreek is effective in restoring hair in both men and women. It can be used externally, by applying fenugreek seed powder mixed with water or “fenugreek tea” on hair or internally, by taking supplements containing it as ingredients. You can purchase it from herbal stores as well as from spice shops (it is also used for culinary purposes), where you can find the actual fenugreek seeds which you can grind and use as such or in combination with other herbs. There are also cosmetic shampoos and conditioners containing fenugreek extract so that you can enjoy its benefits on a long term.