Ginseng for Hair Loss


Ginseng is an Asian plant with increasing popularity in the western world. The Panax ginseng root has been used since ancient times for boosting energy, increasing focus and blood detoxifying. Other common ginseng uses include diabetes treatment, immune system stimulation, digestion improvement and stress reduction. Ginseng is also used as a stimulant for athletes and people in need of high energy for physical activities.
Stress is one of the major factors which trigger hair thinninghair lossand alopecia. Ginseng root relieves stress by helping the body work more efficiently under pressure. In about two weeks of regular use of ginseng root the hair follicle is strengthened, the hair shaft is healthier and the of exaggerate hair loss due to stress is limited. Furthermore, ginseng contains antioxidants which eliminate free radicals from the body. A healthy body means nourished follicles, stronger and healthier hair which shines from root to top.

Hair Growth with Blood Circulation

Other two effects of ginseng on human body are regulating blood circulation and cellular metabolism. Thus, the hair receives enough nutrients to become/remain strong and healthy. Hair strands are prompted to grow faster than usual and hair follicles in the telogen phase are stimulated to resume their activity (anagen phase). This enables hair to regenerate easier after massive hair shedding. There are also cases in which the number of active follicles increases, adding volume to your hair.
Apart from its regenerative purposes, ginseng it is also used for hair loss prevention. Hair care shampoos and conditioners containing ginseng roots are popular for their tonic effects on the hair strands. Ginseng roots are available in markets and ginseng extract can be found in specialized stores. Also, cosmetic products containing ginseng extract are available on the market.