Hair Growth Product Analysis: Provillus


Hair has long surpassed its role in covering one’s head and it is now considered to be one of the natural accessories which ads up to one’s charm. Some people even consider hair as part of the individual’s attractiveness. This is why, thin hair and hair loss may significantly undermine one’s self confidence and determine their social isolation. For those people who have to cope daily with this problem, specialists from Provillus have developed a formula which will strengthen thin hair, stop its fall and regrow it where necessary. This hair growth product was materialized into a complete treatment containing a cream for external use and pills for internal use.

Because men and women are quite different when it comes to hair growth, there are two versions of Provillus, each one of them designed to match the special needs of each gender. Provillus Hair Growth Pills for men are designed so as to block dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone responsible for hair thinning and hair loss in men. Once the DHT is blocked, the nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for the follicle to grow and develop can reach its root, thus making it stronger and more resistant. In addition to that, the dead follicles are revived, so that the hair becomes thicker and hair starts to show up in those bald patches, completely covering them.

Genetic inheritance, hormonal imbalances and certain illnesses are the main causes for which hair loss appears in women. To counteract them, Provillus has created a special formula for women that will not only stop hair loss, but it will also strengthen the hair, making it look healthier and give it more volume.

The best thing about Provillus hair loss treatment is the fact that they do not cause any side effect, so they can be safely used by anyone. Moreover, the hair growth ingredient contained by these pills is approved by FDA, so you can purchase Provillus without any prescription from your doctor. However, if you are pregnant or you already are under treatment for another illness, check your doctor for further information.

Based on the effectiveness, safety and technology of this hair growth product. It scores 4 stars out of5.