Hair Growth Product Analysis: Redken Scalp Revive


Both men and women love to take pride in their natural attributes, including their beautiful, thick, shiny and healthy hair. However, pollution, hereditary inheritance, certain illnesses, stress or even seasonal shifts contribute to significant hair thinning and hair loss. Thus, more and more men and women are looking for an effective product that will make their hair stronger, will stop hair fall and will revive dead follicles, regardless of the caused which lead to their damage.

Redken Hair Advance Scalp Revive boasts in offering all those above mentioned benefits for both men and women. With three products in this line, shampoo, conditioner and anti-hair loss reatment, Redken hair growth product aims at becoming the most used hair loss treatment from all over the world. The treatment starts with replacing your old shampoo with Redken Hair Advance Scalp Revive Shampoo. Wash your hair periodically, once a day if possible with this shampoo. Redken experts claim that the Omega 6 and Aminexil contained by this shampoo will eliminate the cause of hair loss, whatever it may be and will stimulate further hair growth.

Step two in Redken treatment is the Redken Hair Advance Scalp Revive Leave-In Tonic, a spray which must be applied daily on the scalp. This tonic will further enhance the action of the shampoo, fortifies the hair strand, prevents further hair falling, stimulates hair growth and at the same time prepares the scalp for step three: the Redken Hair Advance Scalp Revive Dual Action Anti Hair Loss Treatment. This last treatment should be applied each and every day for at least 6 weeks. It expands the life of the hair strand, by nourishing and strengthening it.

If you suffer from premature hair falling, the Redken hair loss treatment may be the solution for you. However, make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients compound in its formula. Also, because this is a rather new product, it is advisable to check with your doctor or dermatologist and find more details about it before actually using it.

Based on the effectiveness, safety and technology of this hair growth product. It scores 2.5 stars out of 5.