Hair Growth Product Analysis: Revivogen Hair Growth Products


Hair loss is one of the problems which trouble both men and women nowadays. Even though baldness is much more common in men, losing hair is one of women’s most feared issues too. Thus, it is no wonder that more and more product promising hair revival in a short amount of time have made their way to the public. One of the hair growth products which guarantee their clients that they are going to have thick and healthy hair again is Revigogen. Yet, is this product a scam too, or will this indeed function for both men and women?

The main factor responsible for hair loss is DHT or dihydrotestosterone, a by product of testosterone. Overproduction of DHT can affect both men and women and it is the major factor which leads to baldness. However, it can be treated effectively by using a 3-step treatment from Revigogen. Revigogen product line contains a special lotion which is applied on the scalp each and every night, before going to bed. This lotion is called Scalp Therapy and it is aimed at blocking DHT production and stimulating the hair growth process. In the morning, the hair must be washed with the Revigogen Bio-Cleansing shampoo which cleans all the residues and dirt, thus leaving the hair follicle to breathe. Lastly, a Thickening Conditioner is applied, so that the hair will become thicker, stronger, smoother and easier to arrange.

It has been reported that a proper usage of this complete range of products can diminish the amount of hair loss in 2 to 4 weeks. In about 90 days a considerable reduction in hair loss is observed, while the existing hair becomes thicker and stronger and in 3 to 6 months, the amount of hair grown is significant. After 18 month, most people reach the maximum amount of hair stands, have thick and healthy hair. This is the time when the treatment is reduced to 5 or even 3 times per week.

No side effects have been reported for this hair loss treatment. Moreover, because it acts similarly to Propecia, it is recommended as a better alternative to it. Thus, if you are experiencing severe hair loss, you can get rid of them using a simple, easy to use and all natural treatment to get your hair back as soon as possible. If everything does not work according to your expectations, in 90 days from the order you can get all your money back. This is Revigogen’s guarantee!

Based on the effectiveness, safety and technology of this hair growth product. It scores 2.5 stars out of 5.