Hair Growth Product Analysis: SCALP MED Hair Growth Products


Nowadays the amount of hair growth products promising a complete recovery of all hair strands you have lost has increased considerably. Some of them make legitimate claims, while others are just trying to suck out money from desperate people wanting a fast, easy and cheap cure to their hair loss problem. Many people stated that Scalp Med products should be placed in the scam category, as their effects are not at all satisfactory. On the other hand, there are numerous testimonials stating exactly the opposite. Thus, who should customers trust in the end?

Scalp Med product line consists of three main products: topical Vitadil (5A for men and 2A for women), topical NutriSol-RM and Cortex Enlarger thickening spray. The active ingredient, from Vitadil-5A and Vitadil-2A is 5%, respectively 2% minoxidil. This ingredient is the same used in Rogaine and it is said to have great effects in stopping hair fall and reviving the damaged follicles.

The ingredients contained by the two other products, as well as the way in which these ingredients can trigger further hair growth. In fact, sources from inside the company have actually stated that these two products, even though contribute to the good heath of the existing hair, do not stimulate hair revival at all. Thus, unless you want to treat your existing hair and make it look stronger, there is no point in choosing NurtiSol-RM and Cortex Enlarger thickening spray for your hair problems. Not the same thing is valid for Vitadil-5A and Vitadil-2A as they contain an ingredient approved by FDA and which has offered positive results in the past. However, the cost for this hair loss treatment is not justified. Vitadil-5A and Vitadil-2A have the same results as Rogaine and general minoxidil, which are far cheaper.

However, given the facts that there have not been reported serious side effects (mild irritations occur in rare cases) and that Scalp Med offers a 60 days money back guarantee, it is one of the products which are worth trying if you have not yet found the miraculous product which will make your hair grow.

Based on the effectiveness, safety and technology of this hair growth product. It scores 3 stars out of5.