Hair Growth Product Analysis: Velform Power Grow Laser Kit


Thin hair and baldness are two issues which can be hardly accepted no matter if you are a man or a woman. Thus, it is natural to look for all types of devices which may further stimulate hair growth or at least stop once and for all its falling. One of the latest technologies, which is employed as anti hair fall treatment is the laser technology.

Velform Power Grow Laser Kit is one of those portable laser devices which claim to stop hair fall and stimulate growth of new, healthy hair. The kit consists of a special device which emits red and blue lights and a detachable comb. It also features a vibration mode which can be used for scalp massage. Thus, not only will you comb and grow your hair at the same time, but you will also benefit from a relaxing massage in the comfort of your home.

According to hair growth product specifications, people experiencing androgenetic alopecia must use this device each and every day, for at least ten minutes. This means that you will only have to pass this device through your hair for ten minutes, like you would have done with a normal comb. If you have bald patches and the comb causes you discomfort, you can simply detach it and pass the laser above the area to be treated. The results are not affected by the usage of the comb, so you can put it or take it off according to your wish.

As for the results this device offers, the opinions are divided in this case, just like in case of any other hair loss treatment. There are people praising this product, while there are also voices claiming that it is a scam. Above all, the tests speak for themselves: on all 28 men who have completed the tests there have been reported improvements in the number of hair strands they have. Also, the hair loss has been significantly reduced and in some cases even stopped. There have been reported no side effects and even though the results have not been spectacular (34 hairs per 4 cm2 in 6 months) this device offers people with alopecia a hope for gaining their hair back.

Based on the effectiveness, safety and technology of this hair growth product. It scores 2 stars out of5.