Henna for Hair Loss


Henna is well known in hair care industry and has been used for centuries as a natural way of coloring hair. Nowadays, myths have prompted henna on a “black list” of herbs which provoke hair damage. Most of the rumors have partially a real basis, as there are many compound products which contain henna and chemical ingredients. These take away hair moisture, leaving it dry and damaged. However, pure henna not only is safe for hair, but it also has benefic effects on hair roots and shaft.
Henna is great in preventing and treating hair loss and maintaining a healthy scalp on a daily basis. It acts as a sealing for cuticles, thus preventing hair from breaking, falling or getting damaged due to external factors. Sealing cuticles allows hair to keep its natural oils which protect the hair shaft and maintain its natural beauty.

Hair Growth Development

A clean and moisturized scalp is one of the main conditions for a healthy hair. Henna extract or powder cleans the scalp, moisturizes it, strengthens it and prevents/treats dandruff so that your hair can grow normally. Furthermore, it tones scalp skin and relieves scalp tensions, so that your hair will have the best conditions to grow and develop.
Other uses for henna include treating headache, removing excess sebum from hair shaft and scalp and acting as a conditioner for hair. To all these we can add that reddish tint and orange reflexes which come hand in hand with using dried henna. To avoid coloring your hair, but still offer the necessary care to your hair you can choose henna based shampoos, conditioners and hair care products available in stores. These retain henna’s benefic effects without yet altering your hair color.