Indian Gooseberry for Hair Loss


Indian Gooseberry is an edible fruit characteristic to the Asian continent, with a larger diffusion in India and Pakistan. These fruits are consumed as such, cooked or pickled. For medical purposes, Indian Gooseberry is dried out and then grinded to make a powder. Water boiled with fresh Indian Gooseberry fruits is also known as a great adjuvant in herbal treatments. The most popular uses for this plant include constipation alleviation, diabetes treatment, worm killing, liver detox and healing. Illnesses such as gout, gastritis, anemia, ulcerations and urinary problems have found their remedy in Indian gooseberry extract.
In hair care industry, Indian gooseberry is used for solving multiple hair problems, starting with hair loss and ending with scalp conditions. Mixed with coconut oil, Indian gooseberry is an extremely good conditioner which stops hair loss and prevents premature balding. The vitamin C from the fresh fruit acts like a tonic for hair and scalp, promoting a healthy and good looking hair. The hair is strengthened, the hair shaft is more resistant in front of external damage and the risk of hair thinning and eventually massive hair loss is diminished considerably.

Hair Growth by Increasing Calcium

Indian gooseberry plays an important role in calcium absorption by increasing the amount of calcium synthetized by the body. This means stronger hair, nails, teeth and bones!
And this is not everything Indian gooseberry extract can do for you. In fact, these fruits are extremely efficient in preventing premature graying and “pigmenting” the strands which have started to get that greyish tint. Also, it works as a great “cooling” product, cleaning the scalp and hair strands and leaving a cooling sensation on the scalp. This is why Indian gooseberry is recommended in itchy scalp as well as in dandruff conditions. It will prevent gray hair, reduce itching and moisturize your hair and scalp. If used regularly, it can become a reliable herb in treating hair loss naturally and preventing massive hair shedding.