Looking at a Place in the South Bay Area


We are looking for a place some place closer to Santa Clara, but still in San Francisco. I was looking at this place today and I really like it, but it was probably way too expensive. This was a three bedroom place with ADT home security in San Francisco and in one of the better parts of the city. Of course this is one of the parts of the city where they have a lot of really old houses and this one is beautiful, but my guess is that it would be really expensive to keep it up. I am looking for something that is going to as easy as possible for me to manage. Of course if you buy a house you have to take care of it and you are going to have costs associated with it. Either you have to put some work in to keeping it up or you have to pay a guy to keep things fixed up for you.

At any rate I am looking at what I can afford and it is probably going to be a good deal less than I would like to be able to afford. This is just an extremely expensive area in which to reside and we are going to have to settle for something that is in our price range. If I was making this much money in North Carolina I could probably live in a palace. In fact I could probably buy about ten acres and get a place where I could keep horses. That is not anything that could be considered around here. The land is way too precious and you can pay a million dollars to get what is nothing more than an average home in this area. That is just what things cost here