Marigold for Hair Loss


Marigold, or calendula, is a small garden plant with hidden powers. The extract obtained from its flower is believed to have antiseptic properties, fact which has prompted this plant on the list of herbs treating numerous conditions such as upset stomach, wounds, inflammations, ulcers and eye infections. Bladder and kidney problems have also found their remedy in marigold extract.
In cosmetics, marigold has been extensively used as a natural hair highlighter, especially for blond hair. Even nowadays, long after the chemical hair dyes have invaded the market, marigold extract is still a choice for blonds who want to add reddish highlights to their blond color. But hair coloring is not the only use in hair care. Marigold is used as a herbal treatment for hair loss and hair regrowth. Due to its’ ability of improving blood flow, marigold promotes hair follicle’s nourishment, which prevents premature hair loss and stimulates the production of new hair strands.
Marigold is also used for hair maintenance and hair conditions’ prevention. It is extremely effective in regulating sebum production for oily hair and works as a great moisturizing for dry hair. Fine hair is strengthened and the thinning tendency is reduced after a complete treatment using this herb.

Hair Growth by Keeping Hair Healthy

Marigold can be found in specialized stores as sachets with dried flowers. To obtain positive results on hair it is recommended to boil theses marigold flowers and massage your hair and scalp with the obtained “tea”, then rinse it off. Dull hair will regain its natural shine, hair loss will be significantly diminished and new hair strands will appear in a matter of weeks of regular use. You can also search for shampoos containing marigold extract for an easier use or combine marigold extract with other benefic herb oils, such as aloe vera, coconut, nettles and euclipta alba for enhanced results.