Neetles for Hair Loss


Nettle is a relatively small, stinging plant well known for its curative uses. When touched, the plant releases formic acid (the same substance released by ants when biting). The formic acid irritates the skin causing a stinging sensation followed by itching and sometimes even minor pain. As a result of the formic acid “attack”, the blood flow increases in the affected area, bringing more nutrients meant to contra-attack and eventually heal the affected portion of skin. Thus increase in blood flow has been considered by many the main reason for which nettle is effective in treating hair loss and stimulating hair growth.
Yet, there is much more than that! Nettle root contains substances which block 5a-reductase, the enzyme which produces DHT and aromatase enzyme, responsible with estrogen production. Excessive production of DHT is the main culprit for hair loss. Nettle root is a mild inhibitor of these enzymes, but its effects can be enhanced with pygeum. Studies have shown that coupled, these two plants offer a viable treatment for alopecia areata, one of the most common baldness patterns.
In order to stimulate hair growth, it is recommended to take a 250 mg nettle capsule every day. This will stop negative effects of DHT, will help your hair follicle regenerate and will actively contribute to your hair growth. Furthermore, the hair’s overall look will be improved. No more dull, thin, damaged and dry hair when using nettle root capsules.

Hair Growth by Removing Dandruff

Nettles are also highly used in removing dandruff and toning dry hair. A home-made conditioner made of nettle leaves and olive oil is said to improve the natural hair color and restore hair’s natural luster. It can also be left overnight, for dramatic results.
Nettle is a natural DHT blocker and contains the right ingredients to bring your hair back. It is one of those wonder ingredients you have so long looked for!