Reliant Energy Has a Lot Going for Them


I had heard so many good things about Reliant Energy, so I decided to investigate a bit to see if I should switch over to them as my energy supplier. I had been using another company, but they honestly did not mean much to me. I wouldn’t be heartbroken to keep them or get rid of them, which is why I wanted to know more about Reliant. I was able to find out all of the information that I needed on, which is a website that helps Texas residents understand just what each energy provider is doing for their customers.

The first thing I saw was that one and a half million customers use Reliant, so that was a good starting point for me. They not only provide residential homes with energy but a lot of the major businesses in the area as well. The next thing I learned was about their rate plans. I wanted to make sure that they were going to either save me money or at least not cost me more money by switching to them before I read anything further on them.

I was happy to see that they do have excellent rates and a wide variety of plans as well. That opened up the door to reading even more about them and their involvement in the communities around me. I was happy to see that they are very involved, and also liked that they have been in the business of providing exceptional customer service for longer than I have even been alive. There was not one thing I read about Reliant Energy that was not favorable, and making the switch was easier than I expected. I am saving a bit of money each month on my bill, and I feel good about supporting a company that gives back as much as they do.