Rosemary for Hair Loss


Rosemary is a bushy plant with thorn-like leaves, original from the basin of the Mediterranean Sea. Its benefic properties were acknowledged since antiquity, when the Romans and Greeks included in in sacred rituals, during weddings and funeral ceremonies. Along time, this plant has been used as spice in many culinary specialties and as herb in treating multiple conditions, including liver and gall bladder conditions. Rheumatism, arthritis, sore muscles, colds and flu can also be treated with dried rosemary, rosemary oil or rosemary concoction.
Rosemary has also been praised for its wonderful effects in addressing hair care problems. Due to its property of stimulating blood flow, rosemary oil is indicated in hair loss treatment. It stimulated the hair follicle by nourishing it, it clears scalp problems and thickens the hair root, so that after using it the hair will be thicker and have a beautiful luster. In addition to stopping hair loss, rosemary also promotes hair growth by inducing the anagen phase to most of the follicles which “hibernate”. So, not only will the hair strands be stronger, healthier and better nourished, but they will also be many more! This is the reason for which many herbalists recommend rosemary in treating male and female alopecia.

Hair Growth While Eliminating Dandruff

Another reason for using rosemary on a regular basis is its intensive action in removing dandruff. The scalp is cleaned, dandruff flakes removed and pores unclogged and the skin can breathe normally. A healthy scalp is the first step one needs to take when treating hair loss, so many of the hair loss treatments include rosemary in their composition.
Other benefic effects upon hair include hair growth stimulation, hair thickening and premature graying prevention. Rosemary can also be used in the form of infusion after the shampoo and conditioner have been applied. Rinsing the hair with rosemary infusion darkens grey hair, detangles hair strands and gives hair that natural luster specific to healthy locks.
While rosemary prevents/stops hair loss, stimulates hair growth and nourishes the hair roots, it is not suitable for all people. Pregnant women and people suffering from high blood pressure are highly cautioned against using it. Also, blonds who love their light locks should stay away as it darkens hair strands.