Sapindus Mukorossi for Hair Loss


A healthy and strong hair can only be achieved if the hair is clean and the scalp is well moisturized. Chemical shampoos tend to aggressively strip hair of all its vital oils, leaving the scalp irritated and contributing intensively to hair thinning. Sapindus Mukorossi, or soap nut, is a tree which produced fruits highly rich in saponin, a natural alternative to chemical cleaning products. Soap nuts can be used for washing laundry, cleaning skin and hair washing.

For washing, a soap nut liquid is used. Generally, it is applied on dry hair until all hair strands are completely covered. The scalp is gently massaged and then the soap nut liquid is rinsed off with warm water. Even though the lather is mild, Sapindus Mukorossi cleans hair and scalp thoroughly and nourishes the hair follicle, thus ensuring its good function.
Sapindus Mukorossi is also used as a hair conditioner for its detangling properties. Usually, the soap nut liquid is applied on the scalp and hair and left 5 to 10 minutes, then rinsed off. People undergoing this routine at least one a week claim that their hair is stronger, has a beautiful shine and the scalp is nourished.

Hair Growth While Promoting Healthy Scalp

Dandruff is another hair and scalp enemy. Using Sapindus Mukorossi on a regular basis leads to a healthy, dandruff free scalp. This contributes to the overall hair health, stimulating hair growth and diminishing the chances of massive hair loss.
Sapindus Mukorossi does not work directly in preventing hair loss and stimulating hair regrowth, but it does create the premises for a healthy hair. It works great as adjuvant and can be combined with different other hair care herbs in order to maximize their effects.