Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss


Saw Palmetto is probably one of the most effective herbal hair loss treatments. According to scientific studies, saw palmetto is highly effective in inhibiting the 5 alpha reductase enzymes, the substance responsible with the production of DHT. DHT, or di-hydrotestosteron, in large quantities damages the hair follicles. These are no longer able to nourish the hair strands and gradually die under the attacks of DHT, fact which is translated into massive hair shedding or baldness.
By inhibiting the DHT production, the hormonal levels are balanced and the attacks on the hair follicles are diminished. Furthermore, the hair follicle receives enough nourishing substances to resume its normal functioning. If the hair follicle is in telogen phase, the nourishing substances will stimulate it and bring it back in the “growing” stage, so that not only will saw palmetto stop hair falling, but it will also stimulate hair growth. A thick and healthy hair is the normal results of a long term saw palmetto regimen.

Hair Growth Similar to Medication

Due to its way of action, saw palmetto extract has been compared to finastride, the active substance in popular hair growth products like Propecia and Proscar. The advantages displayed by saw palmetto (smaller price and no side effects reported) account for its popularity among people looking for an effective hair loss treatment.
Other uses for saw palmetto include treating urinary problems in male patients and breast ailments in female patients. For treating alopecia, saw palmetto should be applied on the scalp and let it there until it is absorbed in the skin. Ointments and oil extracts are available in specialized stores for those willing to regrow their hair naturally using saw palmetto.