Sham Peer Review Attorney


“Bad Faith” or “Sham Peer Review” is often the fate of a physician who openly complains about patient safety and the need for hospital reform. Consequently, the Law Office of Jeffrey Grass provides protection for Physicians who are “Whistleblowers” and who complain to Hospital Administrators about poor quality of patient care. Physician Whistleblowers are often threatened with a peer review under the Healthcare Quality Improvement Act which is abused by hospitals which permits them to discipline and terminate physicians who complain about poor quality of care. The Healthcare Quality Improvement Act removes Physician Due Process Rights. Physicians are typically unable to successfully contest a retaliatory hospital disciplinary process or termination. The Law office of Jeffrey C. Grass offers this protection by drawing upon both State and Federal whistleblower protections to fight the abuses against physician whistleblowers and to afford Physicians their Due Process Rights so they will not be afraid to advocate for patients. Affirmative action must be taken by physicians to stop hospital abuse and to better protect Physicians who wish to advocate for patients, thereby improving the quality of patient care.

The attorneys in the Law Office of Jeffrey C. Grass are vigorous advocates of those physicians who are advocates of patient rights.