They Gave My Grandson a Second Chance


When I needed to hire a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, I had no idea where to turn. My grandson did not have the best upbringing, and his actions certainly reflect that. However, I am not ready to quite throw in the towel on him, because I know that there is a lot of good lurking deep below all the emotional scars that he has built over time. He joined a gang about six months ago, and I urged him to get out before he was in too deep for his own good. He thought it was just grandmotherly ramblings, but it did not take him long to find out I was right.

He along with several other members of the gang had robbed a woman at gunpoint. She was not physically hurt, but I know the fear of what happened will probably remain with her forever. I did not want my grandson to walk away from this untouched, but I did want him to walk away appreciating a second chance. I knew the only way that would happen would be with the best criminal defense attorney I could get. Thankfully, I was able to get just that, and my grandson owes that second chance to them.

He did have to serve some time in juvenile detention, but he was given a second chance by the judge in his case. He needed to prove himself, which meant coming to live with me after he was released from juvenile detention. He had to finish school and do community service, which he did both. He also was to have no contact with the other boys who took their jail terms as badges of honor. My grandson did his time, and he matured through the process as well. I know that he would have considered his experience a badge of honor as well if we did not have such great representation for him who fought hard for his second chance.